Client Refusing To Pay Invoice UK

Client refusing to pay invoice UK

Client Refusing To Pay Invoice UK Are you in a situation where a client is refusing to pay an invoice in the UK? For many businesses, big and small, the occurrence of clients that leave invoices unpaid is sadly common. According to, UK SMEs are currently owed around £61 billion in late invoice payments. … Read more

Collecting A Personal Debt

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There is a common assumption that debt collection is something that only business owners experience, but this is definitely not true. Sometimes, people give loans to their loved ones and relatives. Collection of debt from them can become difficult. This is an example of a personal debt. There are many ways to cover the owed … Read more

UK’s Best Debt Collectors in 2024

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Working with the best debt collectors should bring the best results. The term ‘best’ can apply to different aspects of service. We have collated a list of the best debt collectors. This is determined on the basis of results, cost and professionalism. We have chosen three main niches that debt collection falls into. We have … Read more